About Us

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Team 7StarDigitizing has been in the embroidery digitizing industry since 1998. We strive to provide the best digitizing service possible, in the least amount of time, at the lowest price around. Our collective working experience in the embroidery field has enhanced our ability to provide quality digitized products at a competitive price.

Our objective is to provide the Best possible quality of digitizing services at a competitive price. We digitize your designs with care, we know how machine runs. We make every effort to create designs which will run smoothly on the machine with minimal thread breakage, trims so customer will get best results of production.

We know that embroidery work can be quite demanding. While quality is our highest priority, timely delivery of our finished product is important to us also. Thus we have configured our operations to maintain a next-day turnaround.

The 7StarDigitizing Team would like to thank you for your interest in our services.